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The age-old question that potential tenants always ask, “So… what are the amenities at this property?”

The typical response has been hardware: “there’s the gym, a pool, coworking space, new appliances, and a rooftop events space” – but we see a new opportunity with dedicated amenity service teams that have been hired to visit the property at specific times. The only problem was that this used to be very expensive ($5K+ per property, per month).

Enter, Amenify, which solves this problem for operators, that can now get teams for:

  • Cleaning and chores
  • Mobile car washers
  • Dog walking teams
  • Private meal delivery (with drivers)

Tenants benefit from quality control, real-time support, and credits in their account every month to spend on services.

As a strategic investor, we’re always looking for that win-win. So it’s nice to find a simple way for properties to differentiate from the so-called normal/hardware amenities.  There are clear benefits for the resident, the onsite team, and the asset managers that see higher Net Operating Income (NOI) across an entire portfolio.

As we at LPC Ventures have always strived to look at technology and solutions that provide a differentiated service for our tenant base and internal teams there always remains a constant with what tenants are asking across both commercial and residential landscapes and we aim to be consultants for our teams and ask the question what can we do to help everyone? This requires flexibility (quickly add/change teams) and scalability (many markets) in order to be the most successful at technology adoption across a large portfolio with many different key stakeholders which is something Amenify does extremely well.

What excites us about Amenify?

  1. It works
  2. It’s easy to plug-in
  3. It scales portfolio-wide

They so far have dominated the multi-family segment, and we are excited to discuss how we can bring that same level of managed services to the commercial side of the market as well. The amazing feedback from both tenants and property managers has been one that continues to allow them to expand on their current customer base and also expand on the suite of services being offered at various properties.

With an investment here we are excited to work together to create more win-wins. This means better hospitality by using data, consumer density, and network effects that we can unlock. Interacting with the built-world is only going to be at the forefront of conversations moving forward as hybrid work will be here to stay, and Amenify is a flexible platform that allows us to evolve and stay up to date with the ever-changing tenant.


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