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Why Gridium Will Win

The window of opportunity to understand your building’s impact on the environment is closing, fast; do you know what to do? Today, buildings use approx. 40% of the world’s electricity with that figure drastically increasing as more people continue to populate our blue marble, we call Earth. At LPC Ventures, we recognize a dire need to help cut down energy usage for the built world. We know that humans will continue to operate buildings, but we look for software and technology to empower our operators and turn them into superheroes. In this effort, we look for founders and teams that are environmentalists at their core. We found this in Gridium. The seasoned team of devout environmentalists and technologists is what drove our conviction to cozy up with Gridium’s energy analytics software and offerings.

Why Climate Change Matters

Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, said it best in his annual letter, “Climate change has become a defining factor in companies’ long-term prospects.” Fink outlined many initiatives related to creating a sustainable environment within the built world. This has caught significant attention worldwide for companies and real estate owners alike, opening the hood and fully understanding how their own energy use is affecting the world we live in. Many of us feel helpless in the climate change fight. While our individual efforts can conjoin to form a broader solution, we know there must be substantial swath changes from all industries. The primary cause of climate change is excessive carbon dioxide (CO2) released into the atmosphere. The primary CO2 culprits are large enterprises burning coal, natural gas, and petroleum to generate electricity to give us humans our normal lives and goods. We love our planet, our oceans, our trees, and our lungs, let’s keep them out of harm’s way.  As a building owner, we rely on our utility companies to feed us with cleaner sources of energy over time, but we also have a big part to play in how much energy we use.  In our effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we think software is having its moment. Hello, Gridium.

Building Operations and the Power Grid

Today, buildings are relying on legacy systems and power grids to conduct their normal business operations. This means that the power grid can’t continuously support the growing number of buildings being built and thus charge excess fees in demand for the normalized supply. How we combat this throughout our own portfolio is that we start with the Gridium analytics software, which is quickly launched on a specific building, utilizing its web-based platform to regulate energy usage throughout the day. From here, we rely on the expert partners to provide us with a health check-up of how the “lungs” of the building performs. Then, with the Gridium platform and their coveted Alpha program, we can improve the building energy systems at no cost to the building through a capital expenditure program handled entirely by Gridium. The results of this allow our buildings to do their part in giving off clean energy and creating a sustainable environment for all.

The Future of Being Green

LPC Ventures relies on industry expert partners in each vertical to help us be better stewards for the environment. COVID-19 was a shot in the arm to proliferate the need for a sustainable, clean environment. With an investment in Gridium, we feel strongly that we’ve formed a great partnership to help solve one of the world’s most significant challenges to human health and safety.

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