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As we all roll out of our PJs and into our slacks, the office awaits, this time, it’s better than before. Employers are betting on your desire as an employee to socialize and collaborate in a shared mutual setting. They’re betting that you’d prefer to eat your delicious Sweetgreen salad with a co-worker at lunch time than the left over dinner from two nights ago from your fridge. Your employer is expecting you to return to that seat and desk they pay for but in an age of endless convenience at your finger tips, they’re expecting their landlords will rise to the occasion. As landlords, it’s our time deliver. 

“It’s not the office, it’s the commute.” -Drog Poleg. So make it worthwhile once you’re there.

With the rise of the flex office operator, the hospitality effect of Airbnb, boutique hotels, and curated experiences from big brands like Marriott, office owners are expected to step up. An inviting and healthy space is table stakes. Curation, convenience and experience is now the differentiator between “ugh, I’ll show up” and “yes, I can’t wait to go!” That is why we at LPC Ventures have chosen to align with Equiem to bring to life our spaces in a new and unique way. Tenant engagement is a software vertical we have studied for a long time and we have a belief that if your building is of a certain size, maintains multiple tenants and has amenity offerings, then your building should be using software to curate an experience for your customers. Equiem has proven their prowess in creating unique experiences for buildings all over the world. Their local content engine is beautifully organized and deployed, their mobile application is elegant and easy to use and their vision for the future is well aligned with LPC’s as it looks to the future of office. 

For tenants, the use cases are endless. Tenants can permission visitors, book fitness classes, take advantage of local promotions, create and join interest groups, streamline food ordering, book private amenities, find local events and so much more. For landlords, the use cases are crucial. Landlords can solicit feedback, launch surveys, provide crucial messages to tenants, collect data on events and amenities and overall get deep analytics into the engagement of the building. It even integrates with every other technology solution you rely on for your day to day experience at your building. It’s been proven through the use of Equiem‘s data and through numerous case studies that having a strong tenant engagement experience leads to increased leasing velocity and higher renewal probabilities. This brings us one step closer to the office of the future. 

“Equiem has really helped us in three main ways. The first: Communication. We’re now able to communicate to a wider range of occupants in our buildings. Second: It’s allowed us to activate our tenant amenity spaces much better. Third: It has allowed us to understand what our tenants’ needs are, collect information from them about what they really want.” -Seattle Office Owner

With Equiem‘s veteran leadership team, their keen eye towards service and commitment to technology excellence, we have incredible faith in Equiem as they grow their footprint globally that they can meaningfully contribute to the future of office that we at LPC hope to see in this post-pandemic world.

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