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Opportunity awaits just beyond the door; are you credentialed? With safety concerns growing due to unfortunate events in our schools, homes, workplaces and religious quarters, it is more important now than ever to have a modern, state of the art technology solution in place to secure our most trusted places. At LPC Ventures we recognize the truth and importance behind that statement and we’ve made a commitment to invest in technology to enhance safety while also creating convenience. For us, that starts with the front door. After getting to know the field of options and evaluating the legacy systems, we made the decision to invest in Openpath in their pursuit to disrupt the $6.8B access control industry. Led by a star roster of five repeat co-founders, Openpath’s patented technology provides the type of high-level security that building management and owners require in this dynamic real estate environment. Openpath’s cloud-based, mobile first and touches solution is the single best, user friendly and approachable provider in the market today for real estate access control needs.

Memory, Key Card, Digital Lifeblood

Your phone is your identity, your everything, but why hasn’t it satisfied that role for your office space? That changes now. We need to end the unsophisticated, easily replicable key fob or key card; It’s paramount for safety and inexcusable for improving the experience of our buildings. As owners and managers of office buildings battling COVID-19’s ambush on indoor spaces, it’s more important than ever to have a data driven approach to understand when people are arriving, how many visitors are credentialed and how our offices are used. With a cloud based solution that anonymizes this critical data, we can start to draw incredible insights into the utilization of space.

The Keystone to the Office Tech Stack

While we’re investing in access intelligence today, the vision goes beyond that in pursuit of the future-of-office. With an open API, Openpath will be able to speak to and integrate with many of the tools that modern day businesses and tech conglomerates have become reliant. From visitor management systems like Envoy or TractionGuest to single sign on systems like Okta, when you are given credentials for the building, you should be given credentials for everything else you need to work. As we get more intelligent about how people use space and the reflective insights that our buildings can produce, Openpath will sit at the center of a deep list of applications around space utilization, optimization and ultimately design.

Going Eye to Eye & Touchless

Whether it’s a wave of the hand, an iris scan or eventual facial recognition to allow access, Openpath will be ready. Openpath has built product pipelines and the foundational bedrock to anticipate the acceptable methods of entrance of the future.

Opening a Path to the Future

As LPC Ventures continues to invest in technologies and take an early adopters approach for adoption, its clear to us that all real estate owners and developers will choose to go mobile and cloud based for their access and safety. It’s our job to find those best in class technologists and relentlessly push the boundaries of where we know other real estate owners and developers will soon adopt. As early adopters, we feel strongly that Openpath x Lincoln Property Company will serve as trailblazers for the real estate industry and fundamentally change the way people access and secure their spaces.

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